NJUPT International Students' Team Wins the First Prize in the Provincial Competition of the 5th National Intercultural Competitions for University Students

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  On Nov. 19, the Jiangsu Provincial Competition of the 5th “Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press Cup” National Intercultural Competitiveness Competition for University Students was held in Nanjing. The NJUPT team of Grace Stevie Prayogo Daewangga (Indonesian), Zavkiddin Khayitov (Uzbekistani) and Ashley Tariro Kaserera (Zimbabwean) won the first prize in the international student category of Jiangsu Province and will represent Jiangsu Province in the national final. This is the second time for our international student team to advance to the national competition since the international student team entered the 4th national final with the first prize in provincial level and later won the first prize of Friendship Bridge Award in the final.

  Before the competition, the College of Overseas Education organized the mobilization and selection in mid-September, and teachers Wang Jingxiong, Liu Juanjuan and Wu Xiaohai guided the students to create the case script. The international students gave full play to the teamwork spirit and presented the intercultural communication cases with authenticity, originality and high relevance. Their case analysis applied the concepts and theories of intercultural communication, and the solutions and suggestions were reasonable and feasible, showing the international students’ good intercultural awareness and the ability to solve intercultural conflicts and problems.

The award list of the provincial competition

The international student team of NJUPT entered the national final

(Writer:Wu Xiaohai and Liu Juanjuan   Preliminary Reviewer: Tang Meiling  Editor: Wang Cunhong  Final Reviewer: Zhang Feng)