International Students Win the Bridge of Friendship Prize at the 4th SFLEP National College Students’ Intercultural Competence Contest

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  During Feb. 26 and Feb. 27, the national grand final of the 4th SFLEP National College Students’ intercultural Competence Contest (SNICC) was held in Shanghai. NJUPT International students Sobirjon Ibragimov, Nodir Izzatullaev and Doniyor Jumaniyazov from Uzbekistan won the Bridge of Friendship Prize.

  The Grand Final was joined by 30 excellent teams (including 2 international students’ teams) which advanced from 400 university teams at the provincial contests. At Jiangsu Provincial contest last year, three NJUPT international students mentioned above won the first place and became the only international students’ team in Jiangsu Province for the national Grand Final.

  Under the guidance of Ms. Liu Juanjuan, Ms. Wang Jingxiong and Mr. Wu Xiaohai, the show named “Hard-earned Crown for Uzbek Students in China” received a unanimous applause from the judges and the audience. The show, featuring the international students’ life and study in China, revealed all types of difficulties and challenges through stage performance. However, they successfully overcame the culture shock, adapted themselves to the new environment, and earned their fair spring in China with their tireless efforts.

International Students receiving trophy

International students and instructors

International Students on Stage

(Writer: Wu Xiaohai , Wang Jingxiong, Liu Juanjuan    First Reviewer: Tang Meiling    Editor: Wang Cunhong    Reviewer: Zhang Feng)