NJPUT accomplishes 2021 APT Online Training Course on“Security Measures for the Era of Artificial Intelligence”

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  Entrusted by the ministry of foreign affairs and APT headquarters, and under the specific guidance of the department of international cooperation of the ministry of industry and information technology, APT online training course on security measures in the era of artificial intelligence was successfully completed in our university on November 16. Receiving 12 chosen trainees from the communications and information authorities of 5 countries including Mongolia,Myanmar, Bhutan,Palau and Maldives.,the APT online training course started on November 10 and lasted for 7 days. The training course is organized and implemented by the Department of International Cooperation & Exchanges of our university and is co-implemented by the School of Computer Science.

  Due to the continuous impact of the global pandemic,the training course was once again conducted online in this year. According to the characteristics of online teaching and the experience we gain from the last training, the lecturers adjusted the teaching methods and means in time to introduce the knowledge of computer communication and network information security, Internet of things and big data to the students systematically. In the lectures, teachers introduced numerous novel cases referring the important role of communication and information technology in global governance under the situation of pandemic in recent years as well as demonstrated the application software of the data analysis and the security governance through the online platform. Under the guidance of the teachers, trainees discussed interactively basing on their own working practice that led the atmosphere of the online classroom lively and active. Through this training, the trainees have a more profound and comprehensive understanding of the theories and the hot spots of the network security in the era of artificial intelligence. It is the second time that our university organized the APT training online thus another chance that fully demonstrates our excellent capability of online teaching and advanced 5G network communication technology. The training course of this year is highly evaluated by all the trainees.

  Vice President Zhang Zhihua attended the opening ceremonies of the APT 2021 training course and delivered the speech. On behalf of the school, he welcomed all the trainees of the Asia-pacific Training Course and briefed them on the school-running characteristics and the achievements of international works of our school as a national double first-class discipline university and a high-level construction university in Jiangsu Province. He pointed out that for more than 30 years, as one of the training bases for ITU Asia-Pacific Telecommunications Organization (APT) in China, our school has annually held the training course in the aspects of telecom management and technology for the Asia-Pacific region to introduce the frontier of science and technology development and make the positive contributions. At the same time, he raised couples of hopes for the trainees. He hoped that all the trainees could cherish the learning opportunity to enhance the communications and exchanges with the teachers and establish a sound friendship with each other. He also hoped that all the trainees can positively play the role of alumni that actively contribute their opinions and suggestions to the development of NJUPT to welcome its 80 years’ anniversary and keep paying close attention to the development of the Alma mater all along. Furthermore, he hoped the trainees can promote cooperation and make progress together, actively build the understanding and friendship between all the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and strive to promote the sharing of scientific and technological achievements and the common development of telecommunications in the Asia-Pacific region based on their respective working positions.

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