"Gratitude & Prospect"- The Meeting of 2021 International Graduates was Successfully Held

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  On the afternoon of June 22nd, the meeting of 2021 international graduates was held at Building 1, Xianlin Campus. Prof. Zhang Zhihua, Vice President of NJUPT attended the meeting. Representatives of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, the College of Overseas Education, the College of Telecommunications & Information Engineering, the School of Computer Science, and the School of Management, faculty members and the Class of 2021 inlcuding the undergraduate, master and doctoral students also attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, the representatives of international graduates recalled their study and life at NJUPT, and expressed their gratitude to NJUPT teachers for their meticulous cultivation. Eyasu, one representative of undergraduate students, shared his plan of further study at NJUPT, I am glad that I have once again received an offer from NJUPT to further pursue my master's degree here. I will cherish my time even more and continue to make better achievements in my future studies. Dada, one representative of postgraduate students, said, I have always dreamed of working in China one day, and today my dream has finally come true! She said that she would try her best to become the pride of NJUPT in the future.

  Vice President Zhang Zhihua listened carefully to the speeches of all the international graduates, and fully affirmed their achievements. Then he expressed the high expectation to the class of 2021 international students. Firstly, try to develop a good habit of continuous learning and lifelong learning, to further develop communication, integration and innovation, constantly improve themselves. Secondly, to shoulder the mission of telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese voice, to deeply understand the spirit and connotation of Chinese culture, and show a real, stereoscopic and comprehensive China to the world. Thirdly, to maintain the mindset of compatibility and inclusiveness, to tie a bond between different cultures, and to establish sincere mutual trust and win-win cooperation. It is also expected that all the graduates shall continue to care and support the development of NJUPT, no matter where they are in the world after graduation.

  Sonali, one PhD graduate, presented one gift to NJUPT and expressed their gratitude and good wishes. NJUPT also distributed souvenirs to the Class of 2021 international students, hoping that all the interntational graduates will make great achievements in their life, and work with aspiring young people around the world to contribute to the promotion of people-to-people bond and common prosperity of the world.

Speech by Vice President Zhang Zhihua

Graduation Seminar of 2021 International Graduates

Group photo

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